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Lipid Control +

Paul & Paul Herbal Lipid Control + is a 100% natural herbal concoction composed of the world’s most effective herbs for supporting healthy lipid metabolism.

Lipid Control +

  • Lipid Control + is used to improve circulatory health by clearing the blood of excessive cholesterol, improving HDL/LDL ratios, modulating blood pressure, improving oxygenated blood flow to the heart. High blood cholesterol collects into plaques that can clog arteries, impairing the ability of the circulatory system to provide nourishment to all of the bodily tissues.


    Lipid Control + is also used to combat fatty liver disease when combined with our Liver + Kidney Cleanse. 

    • Blood Cholesterol Management
    • Fatty liver disease
    • Obesity
    • Poor Blood Circulation
    • Heart Health
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