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Hormone Regulator

Paul & Paul Herbal Hormone Regulator is a natural herbal blend of the world’s most effective herbs for hormonal regulation and endocrine health.

Hormone Regulator

  • Hormone Regulator works by stimulating and normalizing pituitary gland (master gland) function, helping the body regain and maintain homeostasis. Hormones are the body’s natural signaling molecules that communicate, modulate and regulate the body’s functions via feedback loops and target receptors. Hormone Regulator improves receptivity to the chemical messengers to improve the body’s ability to self-regulate functions such as sleep, energy management, metabolism, tissue growth and repair, sexual function mood + much more.

    • Diabetes
    • Poor Sleep Quality
    • Poor metabolism
    • Hypo/Hyperthyroidism
    • Sexual Health
    • Mood Disorders
    • Thermoregulation
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