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Super Health Food
Traditional Ayurvedic, European & Chinese Herbal Specialists

At Paul and Paul Herbal we work tirelessly to provide effective natural herbal products and remedies to promote restoration of unity, harmony and peace within the body, mind and soul.

Our dedication to continual education allows us to provide superlative solutions to ensure our clients receive the safest and most effective natural treatment to prevent and restore well-being.


We are strictly committed to using only organic and fresh herbs and providing only top quality natural herbal products at economical prices. 

At Paul and Paul, each of our clients is a unique individual with distinct needs, which is why we work with each and every client to uncover and understand the nature of their illness and provide personalized natural herbal solutions. 

Along with providing quality natural herbal products, we provide our clients with comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle advice to ensure our clients can do all in their power to live a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life. 

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