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Natural Medicine
Traditional Ayurvedic, European & Chinese Herbal Specialists

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My name is Paul.

I am the founder and director of Paul & Paul Herbal.

We began our company over 20 years ago to provide natural health products to our community. We have since expanded our scope of practice to also provide health consultation services; individualised herbal treatment and personalized nutritional guidance to help our community achieve their heath goals.

Our objective is to help each of our clients achieve their health goals by providing individualized natural medicine as well as practical self-care education that can help all of our clients sustain health and wellbeing.

Paul Singh

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Simarjeet Singh

My name is Simarjeet.

I am a clinical herbalist and clinical nutritionist with over a decade of clinical experience helping my clients achieve and sustain their health goals.

I am passionately curious about everything health: I strive to understand the dynamics of health by studying various traditional medicine systems and contemporary health sciences; I am passionate about exercise, fitness, and performance; and I have a deep reverence for the healing properties of whole-foods and plant medicines.

In my clinical practice, I incorporate my learning from traditional herbal medicine (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Herbalism) with Holistic Nutrition and contemporary health sciences to provide my clients with personalized herbal medicine; individualized nutrition plans; and lifestyle advice to help them achieve and sustain their health goals.

I am dedicated to serve as a community herbalist and nutritionist to heal my clients and help them learn how to manage their own health to become the greatest versions of themselves.

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